Translations from Finnish and French into English. I have translated all kinds of texts from training materials, to marketing text, slogans, articles, websites, user manuals, science fiction stories...  (Please contact me for rates)


Proofreading, copy-editing, and editing text in English.  I have copy-edited a few books, proofread some PhD dissertations, and edited countless news bulletins. 

Other (writing, teaching, ideation)

Need some English language content for your website or magazine? I like to do research and share my findings so don't hesitate to suggest a topic!

Would you like to improve your written or spoken English? I can help you! I offer one-on-one classes, in person or online.

Are you working on a writing project and feel stuck? I have a knack for motivating people in a way that gives them context and energy to push on with their work.