I love to help people express their ideas clearly in written form. I have over 15 years of experience in English language services. I have worked as a translator, proofreader, copy-editor, editor, transcriber, writer, analyst, online news anchor, and teacher. My lifelong travels fuel my passion for communication. 

My clients include multinational corporations, government organisations, cultural institutions, artists, academics, and non-profits. 

In my work as a media analyst, I also carried out research and I honed the skill of expressing information in concise form - a skill which has come in handy in today's information-rich world!

About "Meditations" - In addition to text, photography has been another way for me to focus on points of connection. I focus on “natural things” that puncture the layered fabric of contending narratives to try to get a glimpse of a less human-narrated reality. On this site I offer some of my "meditative interludes."